The team of jailed Russian politician Alexei Navalny has announced a worldwide action in support of him.


Navalny’s supporters have proposed holding it on the politician’s birthday on 4 June.

“On June 4 at 2pm, come out to the main squares of your cities, wherever you are, whatever country you are in, come out to support Navalny,” Navalny’s supporters said in a statement.

The whole world is behind Navalny. Putin’s chief enemy has long been held in torture-like conditions in a prison penitentiary. The trial in the new trumped-up case against Alexei will start any day now. He faces up to 30 years of imprisonment on the basis of a combination of absurd articles. It is Alexei Navalny’s birthday on 4 June. The third birthday he will spend in prison. On this day, let us say to Navalny: “You are not alone. To Navalny and to each other. Abroad, actions will take place in dozens of cities around the world.

Navalny’s team has prepared posters that can be printed on a household printer and a whole series of materials of all kinds, from stickers to stencils to banners.