Since the beginning of summer, some European countries are changing the rules for Ukrainian IDPs. In particular, they are abolishing free travel on public transport.

New rules for migrants from Ukraine to the EU: what will change from 1 June

A centre for Ukrainian refugees. Photo: Yuriy Safronov / Novaya

Since the beginning of summer, some European countries are changing the rules for Ukrainian IDPs. In particular, they abolish free travel on public transport., which prepared a compilation of changes for Ukrainians in the EU from 1 June, wrote about it.
Which EU countries will abolish free travel for Ukrainians?
Travel for Ukrainians still remains free of charge in most European countries. As of 1 June, free travel on public transport will be cancelled by the following countries:
Czech Republic.
Despite the abolition of free travel, the countries offer migrants from Ukraine benefits.
For example, in Germany Ukrainians will not be able to travel for free in regional trains and urban transport. You may use transport free of charge once you arrive in the country, when you get to your accommodations.
In summer Ukrainians in Germany can buy a pass for 9 euro per month. It is valid in public transport and regional trains.
In Warsaw since June, 1, in public transport for citizens of Ukraine will be paid. In addition, from June 1 Ukrainians will be able to travel free of charge only to or from these cities:
Travel in TLK and IC Class 2 trains within Poland remains free of charge for people who crossed the border after 24 February and belong to:
children under 18 years of age;
men over 60 years old;
men between 18 and 60 years of age with a disability.
Increasing the amount of the allowance in Germany
From 1 June, Ukrainians in Germany will move from welfare offices to employment centres (Jobcenter). They will take care of the adaptation and employment of Ukrainians.
Until now, refugees from Ukraine have received social assistance in Germany depending on their place of residence. On average, it was 300 EUR per month for an adult and a little less for minor children.
From 1 June, Ukrainians who have applied for social protection will receive the same benefit as the unemployed in Germany: 449 euro for an adult.
The new rules do not apply to people of retirement age. In Germany they are people over 67 years old.
The possibility of exchanging Hryvnias for Euros in Belgium
From the 1st of June the Ukrainians in Belgium can exchange Hryvnias to Euros. You can exchange up to 10 thousand hryvnia per person without any commission in the following banks:
At the cash desk of the national bank
BNP Paribas Fortis,
KBC Brussels.

As of 1 July, Polish authorities will stop paying 40 zlotys per refugee. We shall remind you that people who hosted Ukrainians fleeing the war could receive 40 zlotys per day of a refugee’s stay for 60 days.
This was announced on June 2 by the Deputy Minister of Interior of Poland and the Polish government plenipotentiary for refugees, Pawel Schaefernaker, writes Rzeczpospolita.
“We are convinced that many people in Poland are able to become independent and adapt,” he said, adding that the measure will not affect families with many children, pregnant women or disabled people.
The newspaper recalled that the Polish government, in a special act on assistance to refugees from Ukraine, initially guaranteed the benefit for the first 60 days. A month ago it extended this period for another 60 days.
“Many Ukrainians are looking for work and find it. We want to encourage others to be active. Four months of full protection is, in our opinion, a sufficient period,” a source in the Law and Justice Party told the publication.

Since 1 June, Poland has changed the rules of free rail travel for Ukrainians. Now they can be used only in certain cities and by certain categories of refugees from Ukraine;
In Poland, Ukrainian women are being offered “men’s jobs”. In this way employers try to fill the “male vacancies”, which have increased due to the shortage of labor force, and to give Ukrainian women an opportunity to find employment and earn money;
The Hungarian low-cost airline Wizz Air has decided to help Ukrainian citizens to find employment. It offers over 100 jobs for Ukrainians in Poland.
Hundreds of Ukrainians have entered Romania in the last 24 hours after Bulgarian authorities decided to evict them from hotels on the Black Sea coast. The refugees are returning to their homeland through this country.

The asylum seekers were offered accommodation in accommodation centres, but only a few agreed, reported.

Thus, more than 50 cars of Ukrainian refugees who decided to return home arrived in Constanta county. According to the Border Police, 1,300 Ukrainian refugees have arrived in Romania from Bulgaria in the last day.

The decision to evict Ukrainian refugees from their hotels is linked to the start of the tourist season on the Black Sea.

“Bulgaria can no longer afford to keep Ukrainian citizens in hotels on the coast. It was announced from the beginning that this measure was temporary in order to give them time to recover and get back on their feet,” Bulgarian authorities said.