New EU recommendations for Moldova

The EU – Moldova Parliamentary Association Committee that met in Chisinau on May 22 adopted a statement which says that Moldova needs to ensure a real fight against corruption, especially high-level corruption. At the same time, the state institutions should be depoliticized, while the slow pace in implementing the package of laws on integrity reveals the necessity of ensuring a vigilant process of secreting the administration and inspectors of the National Integrity Authority, IPN reports.

The EU – Moldova Parliamentary Association Committee notes that the electoral system reform should be decided based on broad consultations in society and on a broad consensus between the political forces. According to the final statement issued at the end of the meeting, to achieve such a reform, the deficiencies identities by the international election observation missions in Moldova should be analyzed. These refer to the polarized media coverage, abuse of administrative resources, unclear election campaign funding rules, lack of capacities to fulfill the supervision role at the Central Election Commission and Broadcasting Coordination Council and lack of efficient penalties for violations.

In the meeting, Andi Cristea, on behalf of the European Parliament, and Mihai Ghimpu, on behalf of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, pleaded for the inclusion of a recommendation to work out a new justice sector reform strategy in the statement. The statement also underlines the necessity of taking immediate action to hold accountable all those to blame for the bank fraud and expresses disappointment with the lack of progress in investigating the cases revealed after the publication of the results of the first phase of the investigation conducted by Kroll.

The statement notes that Moldova should urgently adopt a new Audiovisual Code and a new Human Rights Action Plan. It reminds the Russian Federation of its unfulfilled commitment to pull out its troops from the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

The next meeting of the EU – Moldova Parliamentary Association Committee was set to take place at the European Parliament this autumn.