New anti-war rallies take place in Russia

New anti-war rallies are taking place in Russia, despite the bans. Regional publications report single pickets and small gatherings of protesters, and there are detainees.

Street protests have been significantly reduced compared to what they were in the first weeks of the invasion of Ukraine. At the same time, new forms of protest are emerging: activists draw anti-war graffiti, post post posters and leaflets on public transport, and place appropriate notes in supermarkets.

The human rights project OVD-Info, which has been declared a “foreign agent,” has already registered more than 15,000 arrests in Russia in connection with actions against the war in Ukraine since the end of February.


On Saturday, anti-war demonstrations were also taking place in Europe. In Vilnius, participants held a performance in front of the Russian embassy dedicated to the victims of rape in Ukraine. Kiev claims dozens of cases of sexual abuse by Russian servicemen. The Kremlin denies the allegations.