World support for Ukraine rose to $18 billion. Who transferred the most

A man loads humanitarian aid for Ukrainians in Krakow on April 4, 2022.

The world has united to support Ukraine. Even without military aid, it has reached eleven-digit dollar amounts. So far this is many times less than the estimate of material damage from the war, but the amount of receipts continues to grow.

Among individual countries, the U.S. has provided the most support, already $5.65 billion, not counting several billion dollars in military aid. Canada and Poland supported Ukraine by about $1 billion.

Not only governments and international organizations, but also citizens and charitable foundations are doing their part to protect Ukrainians and counter the Russian attack. The most successful private initiatives amount to tens of millions of dollars and are comparable to the contributions of individual European countries. Forbes has calculated from whom Ukraine has received the most financial and humanitarian aid.


Инфографика: Анастасия Левицкая
Инфографика: Анастасия Левицкая

The special NBU account opened to support the Armed Forces has already received more than half a billion dollars.

In the corporate sector, the joint initiative of Epic Games and Microsoft raised the most money – $144 million, and among Ukrainian private benefactors, the “Return of the Living” Foundation raised $114 million.

Евросоюз, Мила Кунис и Google. Мировая поддержка Украины выросла до $18 млрд. Кто перечислил больше всего. Инфографика /Фото 1
Инфографика: Анастасия Левицкая.