The quarterly sitting of the CoE Ministerial Committee is taking place in Strasbourg. The participants discussed the fulfillment of the European Court of Human Rights’ decisions.

According to the report, Moldova was included in the list of countries which have the worst results in executing the ECHR decisions.

The European Convention on Human Rights implies that signatory countries are obliged to fulfill the ECHR decisions, but the Moldovan Government has fulfilled only 205 (50.62%) of 405 verdicts, issued in relation to Moldova. The situation is worse only in Ukraine, which has fulfilled 37.8% of decisions, in Russia – 29.82% and Azerbaijan – 1.46%.

The highest rate of ECHR decision fulfillment was registered in Andorra, Denmark, Monaco and Norway, where 100% of the considered cases were closed. Romania has fulfilled 83.73% of ECHR decisions.

At the current sitting, which will conclude on Thursday, the Committee will be considering the fulfillment of the Strasbourg court decisions on three cases against Moldova. The cases concern in particular inhuman treatment and tortures in detention in police; inefficient investigation; lack of efficient means of legal defense; sentencing on the basis of proofs, received at tortures; lack of efficient civil means of legal defense, which demand compensation for inhuman treatment.