UKRAINE – News on aid campaign “Help with medicines”, April 2022

The war in Ukraine has been going on for five weeks now, i.e. since 24.02.2022. Although Ukrainian forces are apparently managing to retake small areas, the scale of the destruction is enormous.

Where Russian troops are retreating, they are leaving minefields. The video, which you can find on our homepage, shows a highway littered with mines in the city of Nikolaiv. The man seen in the video directs cars past the mines. Click here to watch the video.

Aid transports organised by our contacts are fortunately reaching their intended destinations. However, there is a danger that the transports will become trapped by enemy lines and fail to return in time.

The photos below were taken at the city clinic in Gorokhiv in western Ukraine, where it is still relatively safe. The man with his face covered is a surgeon, already a military surgeon. He has been working at the front for more than two weeks, accompanying soldiers into towns where fighting is taking place to provide people on the ground with the most essential care.


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