February 26 – March 6, 2023. ISHR team provides humanitarian aid in Sumy and Poltava regions

💬 Help from the ISHR team is very welcomed in the border regions!

On February 26, 2023, we distributed warming kits for men and women in Putivl (Sumy region). Local residents who filled in the form and were selected according to the ISHR algorithm were happy to receive warm clothes and blankets.

Nowadays it is still cold enough, so these kits from the ISHR team will keep people warm in inclement weather and help them stay healthy!

You can watch how the warming kits were distributed to residents of Putivl here.














On March 6, 2023, the ISHR team distributed over 300 individual hygiene kits in Velyki Sorochyntsi (a village in Myrhorod district, Poltava region).

Hygiene kits were distributed to local residents and internally displaced persons who had to leave their houses and move to other regions due to the outbreak of war in Ukraine.

Social services and concerned local activists arranged delivery service of the hygiene kits to pensioners and people with disabilities who could not make it to come to the distribution point on their own.

It is worth mentioning that humanitarian aid in the form of distribution of hygiene kits was last provided to Sorochyntsi in August 2022.

People were looking forward to meet the ISHR team again and participate in its humanitarian aid campaign, especially to receive the hygiene kits, the quality of which was much appreciated.

You can watch how the hygiene kits were distributed to residents of Velyki Sorochyntsi.