UKRAINE – News from our campaign “Help with medicines”

May 2022

We are happy to report that the aid deliveries that were launched with your help are actually reaching their recipients – in Kharkiv, for example.

The difficulty with transport is not so much connected with the distance, but the fact that every 500 metres or so you have to go through checkpoints where you have to identify yourself.

Today we would like to introduce you to the hospital in Bila Tserkva, which has already received three deliveries from our team.

As a result of the shelling, many of the window panes were destroyed. Foil was delivered from Germany for sealing and temporary repairs. This is also among the required materials.

The Children’s Hospital in Chernivtsi also received new supplies. The following photo shows the receipt of humanitarian aid.

At the same time, hospitals are much better equipped with special medicines. Instead, simpler medicines, such as cough syrup or painkillers, are now required and are distributed directly to the civilian population.

Humanitarian transport was also sent to Kyiv.

Parcels are formed on the basis of lists – here in Essen, under the strict supervision of a doctor of Ukrainian origin.

As can be seen from the daily news, what the Russian invaders are doing is unimaginable horror. It is therefore understandable that people are fleeing the threatened areas to safer areas in western Ukraine.


>>> Please help ensure that humanitarian aid is followed up. Please make donations to our account below. We will collectively redirect the amounts received and provide you – this is an innovation – with a donation receipt for submission to the tax office.



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