ISHR team in the war zone is constantly expanding its humanitarian aid. In the last week we were able to supply 8000 needy people with water. Surprisingly, we received a great video of thanks – without words – from Putivl (see below). Be sure to check it out 🙂

The Information and Analytical Center/IAC ISHR continues to provide humanitarian help in Ukraine. This time the IAC ISHR Team provided humanitarian help for R. Rudnev Putivl Lyceum №1 (Sumy region) and the Belotserkovsky psycho-neurological house (Kyiv region).

Comment from R. Rudnev Putivl Lyceum №1:

In this difficult time, when more and more people need aid and financial assistance, it is very good that there are people who are able to accept other people’s problems as their own and are ready to come to the rescue.

By helping, you not only support the person financially, but also give joy and hope for a better future.

The teaching staff, parents, students, veterans of pedagogical work of R. Rudnev Putivl Lyceum №1 express their sincere gratitude to the International Society for Human Rights for the humanitarian assistance provided.

Special thanks to the director of the NGO IAC ISHR Anton Alekseyev and volunteer Anastasia Alekseyeva. May your kindness and generosity return to you a hundredfold. We wish you all the best and prosperity. May God send you good health, joy, happiness and peace to our glorious Ukraine!

The IAC ISHR again helped with food to the Belotserkovsky psycho-neurological house

Since the beginning of hostilities, it has hosted refugees from the similar institutions of the Buchansky district of the region. Due to funding problems, the wards need help. Thanks to our friends we were able to cover the needs in meat products for almost 250 people for a month.

Stay kind 💙 Be with ISHR! 


Cooperation with Water Mission

On May, 11, 2022 the IAC ISHR received has received almost 3000 family hygiene kits from Water Mission for humanitarian work in Ukraine!

Water Mission is a non-profit Christian organization. Water Mission designs, builds and implements safe water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) solutions for people in developing countries and disaster areas.