Hundreds of Ukrainian families left homeless in England after arriving on visas providing them with accommodation

This was reported by the British newspaper Guardian, citing official data.

According to the newspaper, at least 480 Ukrainian families with children and 180 single adults from Ukraine have applied for housing assistance since the end of February. It is noted that problems with housing arise both in the case of the Homes for Ukraine program, and in the case of visas under the family scheme, despite assurances to the contrary from the British government.

Refugees at Home said it was “disappointed and saddened, but not surprised” by the problems with refugee accommodation. The organisation’s executive director, Lauren Scott, said a plan is “urgently needed” to help families whose accommodation has “gone wrong”.

“This is a nightmare situation – the same one we had hoped to avoid,” Scott believes.

The newspaper points out that many local authorities “treat Ukrainian families like homeless people”, leaving them in hostels and hotels, as they did with Afghan refugees.

The Homes for Ukraine project helps Ukrainian refugees find temporary and free accommodation in the UK. Each household that hosts a migrant is entitled to a payment of £350.

The Family Scheme visas for Ukrainian refugees are free, issued for three years and allow them to live in the country, work, study and access public funds. Such documents can be obtained by those who have relatives in the UK. The sponsorship scheme suggests that refugees can come to those who are willing to host them in their home.