Government is trying to transform Moldova into dictatorship all out, statement

A group of civic activists, journalists and lawyers from Chisinau said the current government is all out trying to transform Moldova into a dictatorship. They demand to immediately stop the intimidation of citizens who are against the illegalities of the authorities.

A statement issued by the group, which was read in a news conference at IPN, said the journalists who dare to criticize the government by their investigative materials are intimidated, threatened and blackmailed. “This government struggles against the inconvenient citizens. We are here to defend the democratic values that this state should have. It seems that this state does not exist or exists only for robbing,” said journalist Vasile Nastase.

Civic activist Andrei Donica said most of those who protested against the government and continue to do so were fined or are even investigated. The intimidation methods have exceeded any limit. “The property of people started to be embezzled. Owing to intimidations, some decided to leave the country. I do not struggle against someone. I protect the interests of the people who live miserably. I seek decent pensions for them and I’m intimidated for this,” said the activist.

Lawyers Veaceslav Turcan and Maxim Belinski defend the interests of two American citizens against the actions of former police employees. The lawyers said legal action was taken against them over forgery in the documents that were provided as evidence in a trial. The case was fabricated to intimidate them because they revealed a number of illegalities committed by an ex-police officer involved in the trial. “We are intimidated and followed. In the Republic of Moldova, we used up all the possibilities of defending our rights. We will go to the European Court of Human Rights. The criminal case started against us is a warning for other lawyers who work honesty,” said Veaceslav Turcan.

“Dear ruling bandits, stop intimidating us with criminal cases. You will not manage to start political cases against thousands or hundreds of thousands of people. This government is over 90% antinational. Be careful and don’t go on as the people could resort to other methods,” stated Nicolae Josan, director of the magazine “Acasa”.

The statement will be sent to the embassies working in Moldova, to international institutions and the development partners so as to inform them about the situation in Chisinau.