Google Maps and Tinder: profile descriptions and reviews shed light on the war in Ukraine

Famous tools such as Google Maps and Tinder are now being used as sources of media. People use these and other services to inform Russians about the war in Ukraine.

These tools can serve now as information tools. Some people use different services to inform the Russian people about what is happening. Profile descriptions and reviews describe the current situation in Ukraine.

Special situations require special measures. For example, some people now use Google Maps and Tinder to raise awareness.

The war between Russia and Ukraine is keeping the world in suspense. Major companies such as Telekom and Vodafone as well as EA have reacted to the conflict. However, now ordinary users of a wide range of services are also getting into action.

Anonymous calls for dissemination of information

Anonymous calls on Twitter to inform the Russian population about the current situation in Ukraine, as Russian state TV apparently provides no independent information about the current situation.

In order to do this, you can open Google Maps, find a restaurant in Russia, rate the establishment with five stars and write a review with explanations about the war. Anonymous also provides text that you can use directly.

The text says that the food was good, but because of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, the appetite is gone. With your rating you are calling for opposition to a dictator who is killing innocent people and lying to the Russian people.

Tinder as an information tool

Tinder is also being “abused” for informational purposes. This follows a tweet on the Twitter-channel “Kuh Rita”. The text here is similar to that for Google Maps as the profile description.

Change the location on Tinder to Russia so that the relevant profile appears to Russian users.

This is not the first time Google Maps has caused a stir in relation to war. For example, Google has shut down various features of the mapping service in Ukraine to protect human lives.


Source: Netzwelt