The Georgian section of ISHR continues to actively protect the rights of the population in the occupied territories of Georgia – Abkhazia and Samakhablo (Tskhinvali region) – where the rights of the indigenous Georgian population are constantly violated, especially in the Gali region.

People are deprived of the right to work, study, receive medical care in their native Georgian language, and move freely to the neighboring Zugdidi region. Most importantly, their lives are not protected. Despite the great problems and the danger to their lives, the Georgian section helps these people to at least make it easier for them to deal with the difficult situation. Moreover, the Georgian section of ISHR helps Ukrainian refugees in Georgia to solve their problems whenever possible.

The section is very popular among the youth and has a very active youth group. It actively works with youth and conducts seminars on human rights. ISHR Georgia gives advice and help to all who approach the section. It has representatives in different regions of Georgia. The section participated in demonstrations in front of the Georgian Parliament demanding that Georgia be granted the status of a candidate for the European Union.

The Georgian section maintains an active relationship with the German section, especially with Mr. Karl Hafen. It participated in projects carried out by Dr. Carmen Krusch-Gruen (German Section of the ISHR – Eastern Europe and Central Asia Department) and with the sections from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine and Russia.

Avtandil Davitaya, President of the Georgian section of ISHR