to the final conference “Media, Opinion-Forming, Human Rights” with 14 human rights representatives from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Russia. Friday, 6. December 2019, 10.00 – 13.00 (afterwards lunch) in Frankfurt/M. (Saalbau-Volkshaus-Enkheim, Borsigallee 40)  

The German section of the International Society for Human Rights is taking part for the fifth time this year in the framework program of the German Foreign Office to strengthen cooperation with civil society in the countries of the Eastern Partnership (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine) and Russia, EaP/R.

In our EaP/R projects, we rely on the power of youth and the Internet, as well as on a cross-country form, especially since we have independent, experienced ISHR sections in all EaP countries and Russia for decades. For example, in the beginning of this project framework we set up a common Facebook page, followed by an EaP/R human rights website (humanrights-online), followed by blogger training, and last year we went to the regions of all countries with the website.

For this year, the EaP/R-sections have selected the topic “Media, Opinion, Human Rights in whole EaP/R”, with which they will each conduct three events in their countries. The first events have already taken place successfully. See also:

Summer 2019 – Hot topics

The results of this work will be presented by our representatives at a final conference here in Frankfurt on 6th of December. 10 minutes each, including translation.

In this respect, this conference offers an extraordinary opportunity for a quick, up-to-date insight into the human rights situation of the 7 EaP/R countries as well as for the important support of our country representatives from this area.

Planned (and promised so far) is a short lecture (also max 10 min., including translation) of

° Rikard Jozwiak Radio Free Europe/Liberty, Foreign Affairs, Security & Military, EU politics, Brussels, on the work of EU East StratCom Task Force
° Jens Thomas Reporters Without Borders/ROG, Department of Emergency Aid, Berlin, on his work with EaP/R cases

Short guest words of
° Prof. M. Zimmer, MP CDU, Member of the Federal Committee for Human Rights, Political Scientist, Frankfurt
° Kordula Schulz-Asche, MP the GREENS, Dep. Member of the Federal Committee for Human Rights, Main Taunus
° Tabea Rößner, MP the GREENS, Spokeswoman for Network Policy, Mainz, (provisional approval, since candidacy for Mayor elections in Mainz)

Support by:
° Martina Feldmayer, MdL the GREENS, Slavist, Frankfurt
° Prof. Tanja Penter Eastern European historian, University of Heidelberg
° Vera Rogova Peace Research Institute/PRI, Eastern Europe expert, Frankfurt

° Dimitrij Rahr (German / Russian / English / French), Brussels

Best regards from Frankfurt a.M. as well as from Baku, Chisinau, Yerevan, Kiev, Minsk, Moscow and Tbilisi

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Eastern Europe and Central Asia
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