Ukraine. IAC ISHR keeps helping people in need

December is a month of miracles, magic and gifts. Therefore, on December 19-21, 2022, IAC ISHR, with the support of our IOM partner, visited the villages of Hoholeve, Ustivitsa and Matiashivka (Hoholeve territorial community, Poltava region). We did a bit of magic and brought to the locals:

– winter bed sets;

– individual sanitary and hygienic sets.

Families with many children and large families received additional tableware sets. But that is not the end: humanitarian actions were carried out for more than 1,500 people.

✅ We do not forget to support centres where internally displaced people live. On December 22 and 23 our team visited 3 such centres in Bila Tserkva territorial community. We delivered there tableware sets. Earlier IAC ISHR team had delivered to these centres food, hygiene products, microwave ovens, electric kettles, mattresses, warm blankets, pillows, bed linen etc.

We always help people who need our help and support.

Stay kind 💙 Be with ISHR!










🕊️ There are no barriers for making good things! And we would like to share the good news with everyone. In Poltava region, thanks to the efforts of IAC ISHR, two shelters have been merged into one, and a wonderful kindergarten has been fully operating in the vacant premises since January 2, 2023.

It is impossible to describe in words the delight of the kids and, of course, their parents!

Also, the shelter in the village of Pokrovske is provided in full with everything necessary from IAC ISHR team, namely:

– household chemicals;

– bed linen and mattresses;

– household appliances;

– tableware sets;

– food.

We help everyone in need, unselfishly and with an open heart. Thanks to the UHF project, we will now be able to support not only IDPs in Poltava region, but also the locals who have welcomed IDPs so much.

Stay kind 💙 Be with ISHR!