Is it necessary to abolish the moratorium on the death penalty in Russia?

Debate on the reinstatement of the death penalty on radio broadcast ‘Komsomolskaya Pravda’

On October 19, on the popular radio broadcast “Komsomolskaya Pravda” (also a video broadcast online), there was an intense discussion between Vladimir Novitsky, President of ISHR Russia, and Anton Belyakov, a member of the Federation Council of Russia, who was a defender of defrauded co-investors in the distant past, and is now a senator from the Vladimir region.

The heatedness of the debate stemmed from the topic “Is it necessary to abolish the moratorium on the death penalty in Russia?”
In the discussion, Senator Anton Belyakov immediately took an extreme populist position, by arguing not only for the abolishment of the moratorium, but also for the organization of public executions of rapists and drug dealers. As a human rights activist, Mr. Novitsky consistently argued for the need to preserve and extend the moratorium on the death penalty, which has been adopted in all modern democratic nations.
At the same time, online polling showed that a lot people in Russia share the views of Anton Belyakov: 88% voted for abolishing the moratorium, and only 12% for maintaining it.
This fact alone shows that the effects of the ‘vaccination’ of democracy in Russia in the early 1990s has almost completely ceased to function. Furthermore, all of the democratic forces in Russia and Europe need to unite to destroy the myth about the effectiveness of executions in fighting crime, which is widely represented among Russians.
For my part and the ISHR’s, this discussion has been published and I encourage you to join it, and express your opinion about this extremely important issue in Russia.


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