Is the application of the law selective?

In a discussion on public Russian television together with other major lawyers, the President of the Russian section of the ISHR, attorney and human rights activist Vladimir Novitsky, addressed the current topic of: “Are all equal under the law, or are there informal privileges for the state and economic power elites, as compared to the average Russian citizen?” on September 25.
Almost all participants in the discussion agreed that the Russian law acts selectively in relation to the powerful in society, which grants them unintentional privileges; glaring examples include the cases of Vasilyeva or Serdyukov (former Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation). However, the participants did not reach a common opinion in how to end this terrible distortion in law enforcement.
We encourage you to further discuss this important issue and to work out recommendations on how to avoid the selectivity of law in Russia.

Watch the full interview (in Russian) here: