Eastern Europe: Conference on “Media, Opinion-influencing, Human Rights”
Frankfurt a.M., on Friday, December 6th


On St. Nicholas Day, to the upcoming International Human Rights Day, the Frankfurt members of the German parliament Kordula Schulz-Asche, Tabea Rößner and Matthias Zimmer as well as the Frankfurt member of the Hessian parliament Martina Feldmayer will listen to 14 human rights activists from all 6 countries of the Eastern Partnership and Russia.







FRANKFURT a.M., FRIDAY, 6th December 2019


10.00          Opening, Prof. Dr. mult. Thomas Schirrmacher, Karl

Hafen, Dr. Carmen Krusch-Grün, ISHR German Section and international

10.20          Aserbaijan, Dr. Saadat Benanyarli, Chairwoman ISHR

10.35          Belarus, Vital Harmatny, Institute of Parliamentarianism, Minsk

10.50          Reporter without Borders, Jens-Uwe Thomas, Emergency, Berlin

11.00          Russia, Vladimir Novitsky, lawyer, Chairman ISHR

11.15          Ukraine, Anton Alekseyev, Chairman ISHR

11.30          Members of German and Hessian parliaments: Kordula Schulz-Asche, Tabea Rößner, Martina Feldmayer, The Greens; Prof. Dr. Matthias Zimmer, CDU

12.00         Moldova, Team ISHR, Gennadij Caunov, Project-Assistant

12.15         Armenia, Bela Shikariyan, ISHR Chairwoman

12.30          Georgia, Georgyj Patsasia, Team ISHR Georgia

12.45          Radio Liberty, Rikard Jozwiak, Prague, on the work of EU East    StratCom Task Force


Final round with all above mentioned participants as well as the Eastern experts Tanja Penter, University of Heidelberg and Vera Rogova from the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt/PRIF          Interpreter: Dimitrij Rahr

Frankfurt a.M., Saalbau Enkheim (small hall), Borsigallee 40

Friday, 6.12.2019, 10.00 – approx. 13.30, followed by lunch


Listen to answers to many current questions such as:

Will the Russian youth, now demonstrating on Moscow streets, bring a wave of change? Will the new Ukrainian president be able to end the war in eastern Ukraine? Is Armenia following a true democracy after the Velvet Revolution? What about political prisoners in Azerbaijan? Was the election result in Belarus surprising? Can the hijacked Moldova still be salvaged and is Georgia advancing on all post-Soviet countries?

Eastern European topics are becoming more and more in the background in Germany, today they concentrate almost exclusively on Berlin’s capital, regrets the International Society for Human Rights based in Frankfurt. And even though it is “not at all quiet in the East”,  so the president of ISHR, Prof. Dr. mult. Thomas Schirrmacher.

In this respect, this conference offers the Frankfurt area an extraordinary opportunity for a quick, up-to-date and up-to-the-minute insight into the human rights situation of the 7 Eastern European countries as well as for the important support of democratic fighters from this area.

The human rights activists report on the media policies of their countries. Rikard Jozwiak of Radio Liberty from Brussels, presenting the work of the European Task Force Unit for Russian-language disinformation on the Internet. From Berlin comes the employee for emergencies of Reporters Without Borders, Jens-Uwe Thomas. Participants of the conference are also the experts on Eastern Europe of the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt/PRIF, Vera Rogova and the University of Heidelberg, Prof. Tanja Penter.

We look forward to the following open discussion with you and would be pleased, if you share this his event information to potential interested parties.

Thank you very much for coming!

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