Concentration camps for prisoners of war on Russian territory

In the photo: SIZO-2 Taganrog (GUFSN in the Rostov region). At the gates are now constantly cars of the FSSNG and the Russian Ministry of Defence, which take prisoners of war to this now concentration camp.

Concentration camps for prisoners of war are being set up in Russia on the premises of the Russian Federal Penitentiary Service institutions. In this section, we will publish as we receive data on concentration camps for prisoners of war from Ukraine, which Russian special services illegally set up in the buildings of the Russian Federal Penitentiary Service institutions, in flagrant violation of human rights. Prisons are being refurbished by compacting Russian prisoners and overcrowding them, placing prisoners in deliberately inhumane conditions without providing them with individual sleeping quarters.

For instance, according to the Moscow PMC (available to, overcrowding even in the pre-trial detention facilities of the Moscow Federal Penitentiary Service is more than 20%, and in a number of cells of PDF No. 5, 15 people in a cell for 10 beds are recorded.

02.05.2022 Pre-trial detention facility No. 2 of the Federal Penitentiary Service in Volgograd Region (Kamyshin)

01.05.22 Pre-trial detention facility No. 1 of the Federal Penitentiary Service in the Kursk Region

24.04.22: “Prisoners were taken from PDF-1 of the Federal Penitentiary Service in the Tula region (Komsomolskiy settlement) to PDF-4 (Novomoskovsk). The PDFs and released about 100 prisoners of war. Before the transfer of the prisoners of war, the Russian FSB officers instructed the personnel of the penal colony No. 1. All long visits were cancelled in the colony itself, and Federal Security Service officers were temporarily stationed in the DPT block”.


23.04.22: “Hello.

I live in Taganrog, SIZO-2 of Taganrog is also occupied by Ukrainian prisoners of war. I attach a photo. Such cars (with Z-swastika) are constantly parked near the pre-trial detention facility”.

23.04.22: “Prisoners of war of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are kept in the colonies of the Russian State Penitentiary Service in the Rostov region. For this purpose, two penitentiary facilities in southern Russia have been settled at once. These are the general penal colony IK-1 in Zverevo and a similar colony IK-12 in Kamensk-Shakhtinsky, from where prisoners started to be moved to IK-10 as early as March 2022 and where inmates are now forced to sleep in three shifts. Now IK-1 and IK-12 are actually concentration camps for prisoners of war and are filled at the expense of Ukrainian soldiers captured on the battlefield. The prisoners of war are monitored by officers of the Federal Penitentiary Service, the Federal Security Service, the Federal Guard Service and secret agents from among the activist convicts, many of whom have been transported from torture camps and pre-trial detention centres. There has been no official conversion of prisons into prisoner-of-war camps, as required by international convention.

22.04.22: “We were instructed to disband SIZO-2 (in Vyazma) of the Federal Penitentiary Service in Smolensk Oblast. All prisoners who were there have already been transferred to other institutions, including SIZO-1. “Vyazemsky concentration camp” is being equipped to carry out torture and take enquiries from prisoners of war. The pre-trial detention centre and the disastrous MPB I wrote about earlier are also being unloaded to receive Ukrainians. At the MBP (Small Psychiatric Hospital at the SIZO) the favorite practice with unwanted convicts (especially those who write a lot of complaints) is haloperedol+amenazine, so long until the patient can’t string two words together. Apparently this is how they are going to shut their mouths.

11.04.22: “Only prisoners of war are held in pre-trial detention facility 2 of the Federal Penitentiary Service in the Bryansk region (Novozybkov). A few years ago more than 100 people were held there. Now, probably even more. And indeed, as I suspected, all the other pre-trial detainees were transferred to pre-trial detention facility No. 1 in Bryansk.

If you have any information on the use of any facilities of the Federal Penitentiary Service, the Interior Ministry or the Federal Security Service to hold prisoners of war, please send us anonymously to and, if possible, send photo evidence along with the information.