ISHR-Ukraine together with partners continues to provide humanitarian assistance on the ground

The IAC ISHR Ukaine together with international partners continues to provdie humanitarian help for Ukrainian families, children, vulnerable people and hospitals.

Monastyryshe, Cherkasy region
Over the weekend, the IAC ISHR organized the distribution of 50 food packages to refugee families, as well as provided babies with baby food, diapers and other hygiene products.  Thanks to our partners, we can increase the amount of assistance and, of course, cover more cities and centers that provide support to people who find themselves in a difficult situation due to hostilities. Stay kind! Be with ISHR!
Vinnitsa, Lutsk, Lviv
Before the bright holiday of Easter, the IAC ISHR donated part of the humanitarian aid from ISHR GERMANY  to help refugees in churches in Vinnitsa and Lutsk, as well as to the kitchen for refugees of Lviv Central Baptist Church, where for several months now members of the church have been feeding those who were forced to leave their homes due to the conflict. Thanks to our volunteer Vitalii Serdyuk for helping to organize this humanitarian actions! Stay kind! Be with ISHR!
Zaporozhye region
Assistance of the IAC ISHR to victims of hostilities, refugees and those in need in the Zaporozhye region. Thanks to our German colleagues ISHR and friends from Europlus Bari-Napoli  , we were able to ensure the transfer of adult and children’s food, diapers and other hygiene products to Zaporozhye and surrounding areas. A new cargo of aid for the Zaporozhye region has arrived in the region today.
Poltava region
The IAC ISHR brought humanitarian aid (more than 100 food packages) for internally displaced persons who now live in Shishaki, Poltava region, and also transferred humanitarian aid to one of the refugee centers, which was in dire need of support. “Unfortunately, many do not have the opportunity to come to Shishaki for help, so we accept the offers of some of the internally displaced persons who have cars to support us in targeted delivery of food packages to the villages. First of all, elderly people and mothers with small children need such help,” notes Anton Alekseyev, director of the IAC ISHR. “Our task is to help such people in the first place.” Stay kind! Be with ISHR!
Korostyshev, Zhytomyr region
The IAC ISHR responded to the request of the Korostyshev Central District Hospital for help. From the very first days of hostilities, the hospital has been hosting internally displaced persons from Kyiv, including pregnant women. We were able to collect a huge humanitarian cargo: food, as well as adult diapers, detergents and other hygiene products! In addition, our volunteers Liudmyla Korol and Oleksandr Verboviy sent out and personally delivered humanitarian aid to refugees and those in need in the Zhytomyr region.
More photos and information you will find on the official IAC ISHR Facebook page.

Thanks to our colleagues from IGFM, Europlus Bari-Naples! Special thanks to our partners from DRC for support!