Case of Braguta that involves three police officers and four detainees sent to court

Seven persons – three inspectors of the remand prison of the Chisinau Police Division and four detainees – will appear before court in the case of Andrei Braguta, who died in penitentiary at the end of this August. The policemen are accused of allowing four cellmates of the victim to commit acts of torture against Andrei Braguta and of subjecting the man to inhuman treatment, IPN reports.

According to the Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO), the detainees are investigated on remand, while the police officers under house arrest. They face 8 to 15 years in jail. Ten more police officers of the remand prison of the Chisinau Police Division are investigated for treating the victim inhumanly. Prosecutors also investigate the actions taken by decision makers of state institutions in whose custody the victim was. There were started two separate cases, on abuse of power and on violation of the rules and methods of providing medical assistance out of negligence.

Andrei Braguta was arrested on August 15 this year. The 32-year-old man was arrested after he got into a conflict with patrolling officers, who fined him for speeding. On August 26, the young man died in Pruncul penitentiary. On August 31, the PGO said the man died from respiratory failure and purulent bronchopneumonia, while the bruises he had on the body were the result of the aggression of his cellmates, who said that Braguta had deviant behavior.