A similar case in the progressive state of the European Union would not have occurred, because the law is in effect there.

Vitalie Șalari, the mayor of Băcioi commune that forms part of the municipality of Chisinau, said he is persecuted by representatives of the Democratic Party and is threatened that criminal cases will be started against him if he does not vacate the held post. In a news conference at IPN, the mayor said he was phoned by representatives of the Democratic Party for several times and by intermediaries who exert pressure on him.

According to the mayor of Băcioi, Democratic MP Constantin Țuțu personally threatened him with legal action. Attempts are being made to discourage him from running in the upcoming elections, including in the local elections in Băcioi commune, which holds political strategic interest for the Democratic Party.

Vitalie Șalari noted those who press him told him he should better give up as he has no chance given that they are supported by the leader of the Democratic Party Vlad Plahotniuc, who possesses immensurable administrative resources and personally controls such institutions as the Ministry of the Interior, the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office, the National Anticorruption Center and the Security and Intelligence Service.

The mayor said he hasn’t yet taken a decision as to his participation in the parliamentary elections of next February or the local elections of next summer.

According to him, the Democratic Party exerts pressure on other local public authorities too. The mayors that are not affiliated to the PDM are threatened with criminal cases so that these are removed and the Democratic Party takes over in those communities.

Vitalie Șalari said pressure is also exerted on judges who are arrested and charged in fabricated cases. The Democratic Party wants the judges who will examine cases related to the parliamentary and local elections of next year to be “obedient” and act as in the case of the local mayoral elections of Chisinau.


Source: ipn.md