We do not have now real independence of judges

In the Republic of Moldova, there are now two serious problems in the justice sector: lack of independence of judges and promotion of persons without merits to posts, ex-member of the Superior Council of Magistracy Tatiana Raducanu stated in the program “Black box” on TV8 channel, IPN reports.

According to her, in Moldova there is now no real independence of judges, independence to pass a legal judgement and not to be afraid to pass a judgement when there is a political interest. “The second problem resides in the promotion of persons without merits to posts at the Appeals Court, the Supreme Court of Justice, the promotion of controversial persons who do not deserve or do not have authority in justice, but are promoted,” said Tatiana Raducanu.

At the same time, the judge noted that the judges do not feel the support of the Superior Council of Magistracy. “The judges should know that if they face problems after pronouncing a ruling or if someone insists on the pronouncing of a ruling, they can go to the Superior Council of Magistracy and will be understood and supported there,” noted Tatiana Raducanu.

Ex-member of the Superior Council of Magistracy of Romania Cristi Danilet said that if there are coward, blackmailable, corrupt and incompetent judges, these choose similar persons as members of the SCM. According to him, the judges have a special mission. They should not only solve cases, but should also defend the rule of law and guarantee human rights. “If these people who are now judges consider it is enough to be a jurist, they are wrong. They should assume a social role as a bank from which they steal billions, the career of some of the politicians and probably the case law of a country depend on the judgment of a judge,” stated Cristi Danilet. According to him, if the judges do not realize this, it is a problem related to their professional culture.

Source: ipn.md