The court took into custody the ex-head of the Donetsk prison Izolyatsia

The Primorsky court of Mariupol has taken into custody Denys Kulikovskiy, who was detained on suspicion of torturing prisoners in the illegal prison Izolyatsiya, which is located in the Donetsk People’s Republic. Earlier the Security Service of Ukraine confirmed that the militant had been detained.

Izolyatsia, the former factory premises, was seized by Russian-controlled fighters in 2014. Before the war, there was an art space called Izolyatsia, where various events were held. According to prisoners returning on exchanges, it has become known that Izolyatsia is a prison nowadays. To date, there are dozens of testimonies about the tortures to which people in Izolyatsia were subjected. At one time scientist Igor Kozlovskiy and journalist Stanislav Aseev were once prisoners of Izolyatsia.

Territory of Izolyatsia


Equipment for electric torture


According to the SSU, Denys Kulikovskiy was directly involved in both torturing and killing Ukrainian citizens. He is charged with violating four articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine:

  • Art. 149 “Human trafficking”;
  • Art. 258-3 “Establishment of a terrorist group or a terrorist organization”;
  • Art. 260 “Establishment of non-statutory paramilitary or armed formations”;
  • Art. 438 “Violation of laws and customs of war”.

Denys Kulikovskiy faces 8 to 15 years’ imprisonment with confiscation of property or life imprisonment.



Photos: @traktorist_dn, Courtesy Photo