Dozhd TV channel released a film about the abuse of Alexey Navalny in the penal colony

Konstantin Goldenzweig produced a large report entitled “Tortures for Navalny: who he is surrounded by in the colony, how they compromise and break him”. In this film, former prisoners of the penal colony No. 2 in Pokrov, where Alexey Navalny is serving his sentence, describe how they were forced to behave with Alexei.

Journalists spoke to Nariman Osmanov and Yevgeny Burak, who had once served their sentences in the same unit with Navalny. Osmanov said that all prisoners had been instructed not to communicate with the politician under any circumstances.

According to Osmanov, after Navalny’s return from the prison hospital for the first three days he was not allowed to sleep, as a prisoner was placed on the bed next to him, who purposely made different noises, thereby keeping Navalny awake. Osmanov claims that this was done on the instructions of the prison authorities.

In addition, during Navalny’s hunger strike, a man diagnosed with tuberculosis was placed next to him, but this turned out to be a simple staging. Also, on one day of his hunger strike, the unit guards brought in, according to Osmanov, half a sack of sausage, put pans on and started frying it to get Navalny off the hunger strike.

Alexey Navalny himself commented on the film about his abuse on his Instagram page:

I realised that this was about to happen. … It is clear that Putin is the mastermind behind all this. The handwriting of a psychologically unhealthy man who revels in power and has deep-seated problems with his fixation on sexual orientation is clearly visible here. … Indeed, the main thing here is not to be provoked. … You should use not only my example to talk about prisons in Russia, but in general. Lawlessness, murders and inhumane tortures have long been the norm here. And for me, I repeat, it is much easier than for many other people. … And that’s how we got along with Nariman: I’d wink at him when no one was looking, or he’d sneak ✊ at me. This was very supportive, especially at the peak of the hunger strike. So today, Nariman, I’d like to repay your ✊ to you. Thank you, brother.

Alexey Navalny has been in prison for 298 days



Photo: RFE/RL Graphics