Transnistria has become not only an economic risk area, but also a safe haven

Over the years Transnistrian region has become not only an economic risk area, but also a safe haven. There are people who use the Transnistrian region to escape from the Republic of Moldova and cannot be held accountable. In addition, another problem in the region is the trafficking of human beings. The statements belong to ACUM bloc MP Lilian Carp and were made on “Punctul de zi” show, TVR Moldova. As for the ammunition on the territory of the Transnistrian region and the proposal of the Russian Federation to destroy it, the MP says that so far little is known about that.

“I am afraid that much of that armament was smuggled, as the eastern border was not secured for, there was a time when Ukraine was very loyal to Russia. Under the circumstances, we know that some illegal crossings have taken place,” says the MP.

In his opinion, the statements of the Russian Defense Minister Sergei Soigu that Russia is ready to destroy ammunitions in the Transnistrian region cannot be considered as a first step in the Transnistrian settlement. “A first step will be when they will no longer be in the Transnistrian region. The Russian Federation’s intense activities in Transnistria, in my opinion, on the contrary, indicate that it is trying to strengthen its positions. Moldova is a kind of bridgehead for the entire Balkan area. In Romania, Bulgaria it is dangerous to keep its agents and, in these conditions, the Republic of Moldova can be used as a bridgehead for the training of secret services,” said Lilian Carp.

Victoria Bucartaru, prime minister’s adviser on security issues, says that the over 20 thousand tons of ammunition located in Cobasna constitute a danger to the citizens of the Republic of Moldova living on the left bank of the Dniester river. According to her, since 2002-2003, when an assessment was made upon the withdrawal of a part of the ammunition, nothing is known about its status and the quantity that is there. “A first step that should be taken is to make an assessment, to know very clearly what kind of ammunitions are there, what it means to destroy them, what resources are needed to destroy them, how long will it take to destroy them, and how the Russian Federation sees this destruction mechanism”, says Victoria Bucartaru. The adviser says that it is important that the ammunition in Cobasna be evaluated and destroyed, but one must see how to proceed.

Deputy Chief of Border Police, Valentin Fyodorov, argues that illegal migration at the border with Ukraine is a very dangerous phenomenon because it also means human trafficking and terrorism. “At the moment we do not control the entire border section. We have joint control at Pervomaisk-Cuciurgan border crossing point, but it is a “relaxed” control. There is a project that will be completed in March and I hope we will gain full control”, says Valentin Fiodorov.

According to him, border guards also have joint patrols with Ukrainian police on certain sections, but this is not enough, more measures must be taken.