In the recent period, persons who earlier served particular interests, reappeared in the justice system of the Republic of Moldova. This way, the citizens wonder if they can trust Moldovan justice,  quoted the Head of the EU Delegation to Moldova Peter Michalko

Peter Michalko: Those who were part of system, when justice served particular interests, reappear in posts

According to the European official, a justice sector reform necessitates time and effort. At the same time, it is important to avoid regression as regards the credibility of justice and of those who work in the justice sector.

“I refer to cases when we see that those who were part of the system, when justice in the Republic of Moldova served particular interests, reappear in posts. Therefore, the citizens wonder if the justice sector can be credible as regards independent justice,” stated Peter Michalko.

According to the diplomat, the justice system should be reformed in a credible, transparent way with the involvement of experts, civil society, political parties and those who represent the judiciary.

“We should not witness the situation when the citizens see regression and when doubts that existed in the past about the independence of the judiciary, about the necessity for the people to feel equal before the law reappear. They should not be victims of corruption and should be sure that they are treated equally by the justice system, as the citizens should be treated in a democratic country,” said the EU Ambassador.