Sick children evacuated from Ukraine to Europe

Ukrainian children suffering from cancer are received in France. Here they will be able to continue treatment that has become impossible at home. About 150 hospitals in Ukraine have already been destroyed by bombing and shelling.

“I am very happy that she will be treated here, because there is no place to get treatment in Ukraine at the moment,” reports the mother of a young cancer patient

So far, 20 Ukrainian children with cancer have been allocated to French hospitals. The Nancy clinic has received four young patients, the youngest of whom is only four years old.


“Cancer is a major disease in children over the age of one. It is an extremely serious disease. It is very important for us to take care of children who suffer from both war and lack of treatment,” said Pascal Chataigner, head of the oncology department.

According to medics, about one thousand five hundred children are being treated for cancer in Ukraine. To continue the therapy, they are all trying to be evacuated outside the war-torn country. In the coming weeks, France is going to take in other sick children.