Many refugees face the problem that it is already necessary to prepare their children in schools in the host country. The war in Ukraine is ongoing and a peace settlement cannot be expected any time soon. Therefore, many countries have made it possible for refugee children to be educated.


Information on admission conditions was provided by the portal The Page

How to enrol a child in school in Poland

Children who fled after 24 February with their parents from Ukraine to Poland and legalised their stay on the basis of a special law have the right to attend school under the same conditions as Polish children.

Enrolling a child in a school in Poland is only possible for:

legal guardian of the child, i.e. a person who has been entrusted with the care of the child by a court of law
Students who have reached the age of 18 can also enrol independently in a higher school.
Ukrainian school in Poland

A good option is to send your child to one of three Ukrainian schools in Poland – in Wroclaw, Krakow and Warsaw. According to the president of the Enduring Ukraine Foundation, Viktoria Hnap, the school is completely Ukrainian – our teachers, curriculum and standards, only with an additional study of the Polish language.

The Czech Republic: How to get Ukrainian children into school

It is almost impossible to find a school for Ukrainian children both in Warsaw and Prague, so refugees from the war should immediately look closer to smaller towns of the Czech Republic. Schools in the capital have often announced an enrolment formally, when in fact there are no places for any Ukrainian children.

The Czech school inspectorate predicted early in the summer that there would be a problem with enrolment in Prague, as in other regions where many refugees have found accommodation. Most of them have not been able to enrol in schools: only a third of them have enrolled in primary schools.

Documents needed to register a child for school in the Czech Republic

A document proving the identity of child and legal guardian. Passports of the pupil and the parent.
Long-term visa for temporary protection (formerly a so-called “tolerance visa”).

Germany: How do Ukrainian children enrol in school

Just like adults, your child must be officially recognised as a refugee and officially resident at the time of enrolment. You may then look for the nearest school in the area where you live.

An application to enrol your child can be sent by e-mail.

The documents that Ukrainian refugees need to submit in order to be enrolled in school are as follows

The passport of the parents and the child;
Immunisation cards translated into German – measles vaccination is compulsory.

Some refugees do not have a vaccination card in their new place of residence, so they cannot confirm the vaccination status of their children. You can ask the school nurse in Ukraine for a vaccination certificate. Because without a vaccination document, the application for admission may be rejected.