The website reported on repeated cases of agitation and recruitment of prisoners in Russian colonies to take part in combat operations in Ukraine.

Prisoners are offered the following:

  1. To join the Wagner PMC under contract.
  2.  Six months of service and a full pardon, with the removal of the criminal record.
  3. Salary of 100 thousand rubles plus a bonus of 100 thousand rubles.
  4. At the death of 5 million rubles, the salary is transferred to relatives every month.

From a conversation with an informant we know the following: “Two weeks training and a sweep. Preferably part 2 105 or 111 of the Criminal Code” (articles in the Criminal Code “murder with particular cruelty” or “infliction of grievous bodily harm”).  “Yes, they will give me a gun.
No construction work, only war. They are launched, the enemy works on them, ours calculates where the enemy is hitting from. That is, they are taken as live bait.”


The website continues to monitor the situation. The cases are also covered by Important Stories