Representatives of the public association “Right to Justice” compiled a list of 53 cases “started by order of the criminal-oligarchic group of Plahotniuc during the state capture”

“Right to Justice” publishes list of 53 unhandled political cases

Representatives of the public association “Right to Justice” compiled a list of 53 cases “started by order of the criminal-oligarchic group of Plahotniuc during the state capture”. According to members of the association, these cases feature civic activists, protesters, businesspeople and politicians. Even if all of them were already set free, most of them continue to be tried. Two of those involved in such cases are no longer alive.

In a news conference at IPN, the association’s chairman Pavel Grigorchuk said a part of the 53 cases are well-known to the general public. Among those involved are former MP Iurie Bolboceanu, former police officer Gheorghe Petic, Vento company, lawyers, businesspeople, including foreign investors, etc. “Surely, this list we presented today does not contain all the cases started by order. Therefore, we call on society, the lawyers and directly on those involved in these cases to tell us about their cases and we will examine and make them public,” said the association’s leader.

Lawyer Eduard Rudenco said some of the cases were dismissed, but these represent not even one tenth. Innocent people continue to be judged and are limited in their rights, including the right to move. For example, they cannot go to study abroad. The list does not contain the names of all the victims of political cases. Many are afraid to talk as they see that judges and prosecutors who fabricated the cases continue holding their posts.

“I hope that this list will be analyzed by the Prosecutor General’s Office and will be supported by the current government. I do not want one more commission to be created inside the Prosecutor General’s Office out of prosecutors who are actually involved in these criminal cases. A large part of these should be held accountable and should not be empowered to analyze this list,” stated Eduard Rudenco.

Businessman Victor Jantovan from Orhei is one of those who experienced the ordeal of state capture. “It has been four years since the raider attack staged by Ilan Shor started,” said the entrepreneur, noting he is accused of tax evasion, but his guilt hasn’t been proven and this was actually invented. “The company suffered and we were unable to make investments for about four years. We lost about 60 employees. The people were invited to the prosecutor’s office and other institutions and were questioned and scared. The business entities from our subdivisions haven’t received functioning authorizations for two years,” said Victor Jantovan. He noted that what Prosecutor General Alexandr Stoianoglo, who is now suspended, started was good, but things should be continued.

The list presented by “Right to Justice” is:

1.         Oleg Horjan

2.         Group of Petrenco

3.         Antifa Case

4.         Case of 24 April 2016 case

5.         Case of January 20, 2016: Aureliu Pisica, Vrej Martirosean, Tudor Cioina

6.         Gheorghe Petic

7.         Sergiu Cebotari

8.         Anna Ursachi

9.         Eduard Rudenco

10.       Ion Cretu

11.       David Davitean

12.       Victor Jantovan

13.       Valerian Zabolotnii

14.       Raisa Bogdan

15.       Constantin Manole

16.       Sergey Cosovan

17.       Renato Usatii

18.       Yevgeny Ghendler

19.       Valentin Cimpoes

20.       Victor Bogatico

21.       Olga Punga

22.       Valeriu Cucu

23.       Viorel Donica

24.       Arslan Safarmatov

25.       Anatol, Liubovi and Ruskin Tripadus

26.       Fridriech Mayer

27.       Valeriu Nedzelschii

28.       Aureliu Pisica

29.       Corneliu Moraru

30.       Nina Cereteu

31.       Ghenadie Brega

32.       Anatol Matasaru

33.       Valeriu Malarciuc

34.       Victor si Viorel Topa

35.       Vlad Musteata and Proimobil company

36.       Denis Urechi

37.       Alexandr Parinov

38.       Sorin Stati

39.       Constantin Priguza

40.       Andrei Donica

41.       Lilia Munteanu

42.       Ilie Cernautan and Ion Achirus

43.       Corneliu Savca

44.       Aureliu Antoci

45.       Ion Tabora

46.       Iurie Balaur

47.       Ion Gorceac

48.       Liudmila Boscanean

49.       Alexandr Bairactar, Irina Zabun, Rosca Alexandra, Stoicov Nicolai, Caminschi Grigorii
50.       Kiril Luchnski

51.       Nicolae Sargarovschi

52.       Artiom Varelinta and the paper “Berega”

53.       Pavel Grigorchuk