Ukraine. IAC ISHR keeps helping people in need

🔷 A lot of laughter, smiles, fun, the eyes of children sparkling with joy – this is how cheerfully and at the same time educationally the alphabet game-quest took place in Shyshaky territorial community in November – December 2022.




This game proposed by IAC ISHR was an interesting addition to humanitarian aid provided by our team. The quest was bright, memorable and educational at the same time: you had to name, write and draw the letters. And the main thing, of course, was to memorise them. It was great to work in teams with other kids – indeed, it is fun, helps to memorize letters better and you can always find new friends. First and foremost, this game brings children together, teaches them to communicate, find friends and enjoy life, even in such difficult times.

📚 This action complies with IAC ISHR’s educational principles! Namely, it meets:

1st principle: Education includes theory, practice (participation in real organisational activities), ability to work;

8th principle: Interaction between teachers and professionals from “real adult life”;

9th principle: Knowledge should not be given chaotically but systematically;

14th principle: Show how to work in a group, in a team, as a team member;

15th principle: Learn to be creative!


Stay kind 💙 Be with ISHR!