Monitoring of the case S.V. Kozak and S.V. Kustovetskaya (session 12.12.19)

12.12.2019 in the Bogunsky District Court of Zhitomir, a hearing was held in the case of Kozak C.V. and Kustovetskaya S.V., accused of extortion and subsequent murder (part 4 of article 189, paragraph 6, 12 part 2 of article 115, Criminal Code of Ukraine). The incriminated articles provide for the possibility of life imprisonment. The International Society for Human Rights continues to monitor this criminal case.

Proceedings of the hearing 12.12.2019

The trial began 1 hour late due to the delay in the delivery of the accused by the convoy.

At the hearing, the conclusions of the examinations were heard. The participants in the hearing did not object to not reading the entire text. The examination indicated the cause of death of the murdered woman. Judges read 3 expert conclusions. The results of the examination were attached to the case file.

The defense filed a petition to interrogate the experts who conducted the examination and the head of the forensic histological examination department to explain its results and the medical terminology used. Despite the objections of the prosecutor, the representative of the victim and the victim herself against such an interrogation, the court, referring to Article 354 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of Ukraine (according to which the court is obliged to interrogate an expert in a court session if the parties to the court state such a petition), granted this request.

In the courtroom there were a large number of listeners who came in support of the victim. The observer of the ISHR notes that during the whole court session there were no violations on their part.

The next session is scheduled for December 26, 2019.