ISHR Wittlich and ISHR Lithuania: Transport for Ukrainian refugees in Warsaw

The company V und V Logistik in Altrich, namely Mr. Lenninger and Mr. Teusch, had the idea to help Ukrainian refugees. Their Luxembourg forwarding company Molux together with Mr. Molitor also got involved . They asked ISHR Wittlich to help with the loading documents and the destination. The Lithuanian section of ISHR led by Jurgita Samoskiene, who has been working with Katrin Bornmüller for 16 years, contacted Caritas in Warsaw. They are very happy to receive transport with help for refugees. Volunteers started sorting numerous donations, 38 pallets were created, 2 of which will be given to Ukrainian and Belarusian refugees in Lithuania for the next transportation. Today, on 28 March 2022, the transport was loaded by drivers Andreas Herz and Hans Peter Müller. Many thanks to all donors for their financial support. Especially important is food, which is bought in Lithuania for donations. The help continues.

Jurgita Samoskiene (ISHR Lithuania) wrote the following letter:

Dear friends,

On 28.03.2022, a transport with help for Ukrainian refugees and residents of Ukraine left from Altrich to Caritas Warsaw. Caritas Warsaw is very happy about this transport, because Poland is currently experiencing a humanitarian crisis – there are already 2.5 million Ukrainians in the country, and more are arriving every day. We wouldn’t have been able to help people without the help of Katrin Bornmüller and the Luxembourg forwarding company. The transport was delegated by the Lithuanian section of ISHR, so we were able to avoid a lot of paperwork. Thanks to everyone who helped.