ISHR Wittlich and ISHR Lithuania: help for Ukrainian refugees

Dear our friends, helpers and supporters, dear human rights activists,

We would like to thank you for the 530th and 180th aid transport to ISHR Lithuania on 20.03.2022. We have an extreme situation in Lithuania at the moment, as about 1000 Ukrainian refugees arrive to us every day – mostly children, women and senior citizens. Nowadays there are about 30 000 refugees in Lithuania, the number is growing every time. People need medical care, food and hygiene products every day. This costs a lot of money and there are already problems with accommodation, so many Lithuanians invite Ukrainians to their homes and give everything they have themselves. Lithuanians share everything and do everything to make the people from Ukraine feel at home and forget the fear of the war. To do this, toys for children are “must have”.

Your help is vital, ISHR LT is constantly working with Lithuanian Caritas and Red Cross, sharing information and distributing things to families with children. Ukrainians are scattered all over Lithuania, so we travel a lot and are always there to make sure that the help reaches where it is needed most.

ISHR Working Group Wittlich and Katrin Bornmüller have been supporting Baltic states for a long time and we are very grateful that the supplies reach not only Belarusian and Ukrainian refugees, but also our poor Lithuanian families who have very low incomes and poor living conditions.

It is a great joy and honour for us to distribute the items and to know that thanks to your transport we can support people in need.

God bless you and we all need to stand and fight together for freedom, only together we are strong. I especially thank all the volunteers who give their time and attention and think about the people in need instead of sitting quietly and living their own comfortable lives. We appreciate the solidarity of the German people very much and pray that the war will end soon. The Ukrainian women are strong, they are infinitely grateful for the help, but whenever we come, they say that this will not last long – “we will return home and build our Ukraine”.

Slava Ukraini!

With best wishes from Lithuania,

Chairperson ISHR Lithuania

Jurgita Samoskiene