Poltava, Zhytomyr, Kharkiv, Vinnytsia, Lviv, Korostyshiv, Kosiv… From project monitoring of fair trials to monitoring of humanitarian needs in the war region. The young lawyers of the ISHR monitoring project to strengthen Ukrainian rule of law reform have quickly regrouped after the shock and flight and are pitching in where they can in their local area.

Shyshaky, Poltava region: We have already written that @interj is helping Svetlana’s family. The complexity of her situation is that she feeds herself, her daughter and three grandchildren, one of whom is a refugee, from her monthly pension of 100 dollars. The war has made it difficult to buy even basic products such as salt, sugar, cereals. It is all the more difficult to buy large nappies. Svetlana’s youngest grandson is autistic and although he is already 4 years old, he cannot take care of himself. It is difficult for families with children now, and it is even more difficult for children with disabilities. As the family does not have a car to go to a neighbouring village or town to buy the necessary supplies, we decided to support Svetlana regularly until the situation in the country improves. As volunteers, we brought them nappies and food.



Korostyshiv, Zhytomyr district. Svetlana approached the ISHR with a request for help to buy baby nappies. She is a widow and cares for a 12-year-old disabled daughter diagnosed with cerebral palsy. The ISHR volunteer was able to buy and bring everything Svetlana needed.


Kharkiv. Anna and her family had to flee Kharkiv. They came under rocket fire, all the windows of their house in Kharkiv were broken. For 5 days they stayed in the basement together with the children. The International Society for Human Rights helped Anna’s family to buy the necessary food for the trip. Thank you, dear friends, for making it possible to help people who have to flee from war.

Another mother with children had to leave war-torn Kharkiv. After the bombing of their neighbourhood, Zlata (7 years old) and Nika (1.5 years old) were homeless. The International Society for Human Rights helped the family buy the food they needed for their journey. Making the long-distance move a little easier for the family. Let us hope that the war will end soon and that all those who were forced to flee will be able to return home.

Lviv: We had already reported that the IAC (Information and Analytical Centre) of ISHR Ukraine had arranged the delivery of 3 tons of humanitarian cargo for children to Ukraine. Yesterday we received the news that the cargo has left Italy for Ukraine. Our volunteers in Lviv are ready to receive it. From there it will be distributed to different regions of Ukraine, to the small recipients who urgently need support and help. Thank you for the opportunity to pay for the delivery of humanitarian aid to Ukraine and its transport across the country! The help of people who want to support people in a difficult situation is invaluable! Yesterday the delivery reached us in Poltava region, we will report about it.

Besides refugees, the ISHR also tries to help other socially vulnerable groups of people. Olena is a 67-year-old lonely senior citizen, she used to work as a paediatric dentist. Her husband died and her daughter lives in another country and does not communicate with her. In difficult times, it is very easy to forget that such people also need our help. The ISHR volunteer delivered the necessary food. We thank you all for your help and support of our work!

Vinnytsia. A few days ago, the paramedics at the city hospital in Vinnytsia asked our volunteers to help collect medicines. Many important medicines are now in short supply at the hospital. Although there are problems with medicines in all regions of the country, we managed to collect some of what doctors so desperately need: cardiac, anti-inflammatory and other medicines. Already today, the medicines have been sent to Vinnytsia, where the ISHR volunteers will immediately bring them to the hospital.

Korostyshiv. The International Society for Human Rights helped a mother of 3 children who had recently taken custody of another small child, but was without work and thus without income because of the war. The ISHR volunteers provided her with the necessary supplies at the request of the woman. Today we have a duty not to stand on the sidelines, but to support women and their children. We can only get through this difficult time together by helping each other!

Kosiv. Ivano-Frankivsk region. Max wanted to take his wife and six-month-old daughter to a safe place outside Kiev. But it so happened that he now needs help. Max has diabetes and his health suddenly deteriorated. At the moment, the family is in the Ivano-Frankivsk region. The ISHR helped to buy vital medicines, especially insulin. And we will help the mother with a baby, who now spends her days in a hospital in a foreign city, to support Max.