Safe playgrounds for rural children in Armenia 

Safe playgrounds for rural children, the grant program aims to install modern safe playgrounds in four communities of Kotayk marz, Zovuni, Kamaris, Bjni and Kasakh kindergartens, as well as in the city park of Stepanavan community of Lori region.In these kindergartens and Stepanavan City Park, for many years there were no suitable conditions for organizing children’s outdoor activities.

Basically, the playrooms set in the Soviet times are not only useless, they are also dangerous for children, and in fact, kindergartens’ yards do not serve their purpose, especially when most kindergartens work in the villages only during the warmer seasons of the year. Playing equipment for children has both physical and mental development significance not only for the kindergarten students, but also for all children and parents.

And to ensure absolute security, we also plan to cover the ground floor of a playground with 100 square meters of soft rubber. Our initiative group also plans landscaping and improvement of kindergartens’ yards so that kindergartens become pleasant and useful centers for children and rural communities that are invisible to leisure places.

. The long-term objective of the project is to contribute to the sustainable development of rural, social, environmental and economic sectors,as well as creating a precedent for other communities through spreading the ideology of the project. The project is initiated and implemented by “Improve Our Village” and ‘’International Society of Human Rights’’ NGOs in Armenia, funded by the Japanese Embassy in Armenia. The official grant ceremony for the grant program in Kamaris community of Kotayk marz.