Gender pay gap persists in Moldova

Women annually lose 9,620 lei = 437 Euro on average owing to occupational inequality, Alexei Buzu, executive director of the Partnership for Development Center, said during the presentation of the study “Principle of equal pay for equal work”, IPN reports.

The study analyzes the legislation of the Republic of Moldova as regards remuneration of women, especially at industrial companies, where these account for 60% of the total number of employees.

The study says that even if the principle ‘equal pay for equal work’ or ‘equal pay for work of equal value for men and women’ used in the EU was accepted by Moldova over a decade ago, this is not provided in all the documents that regulate labor. For example, this principle cannot be found in the Law on Remuneration and the Law on Pay Grades in the Budgetary Sector or in the collective conventions on individual work contracts and in sector collective conventions.

“In 2016, there will be approved a new National Gender Equality Program and a new Employment Strategy. We consider we should not only plan actions to reduce the gender pay gap, which is of 13%, but to also identify concrete solutions for better implementing these actions, taking into account the realties in the Republic of Moldova, and to ultimately remove discrimination,” said Alexei Buzu.