Important news for Ukrainians abroad: EU extends temporary protection for Ukrainian refugees in the European Union until March 2025


Temporary protection status entitles Ukrainians to reside in the EU, get a job there and receive health insurance. Also, those Ukrainians who decide to leave the EU and go to their home country will retain their rights in Europe if they decide to return again.

“To provide certainty for the more than 4 million Ukrainian refugees now living in the EU, the Rada has agreed to extend temporary protection for people fleeing Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine,” the press service said.

“The EU will support the Ukrainian people for as long as necessary. The extension of protection status gives certainty to the more than 4 million refugees who have found safe haven in the EU,” said Spanish Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlasca Gomez, whose country now holds the EU Council presidency.

Following today’s political agreement, the EU Council will have to formally decide whether to extend temporary protection. This will happen after legal procedures and translation into all EU languages have been carried out.

The temporary protection mechanism was activated on 4 March 2022 and automatically extended for one year.