32% of moldovans thinking that LGBT people should carry a prison sentence.

LGBT people are by far the least accepted minority group in Moldova, with only 18% willing to accept them as citizens and only 1% as family members.

According to a 2015 survey, 83% do not accept LGBT people as a general attitude, 80% think they should not be allowed to organize public events or appear in the media, 66% say they should be treated or institutionalized, 57% think homosexuality should be punished in some way, with 32% of those thinking it should carry a prison sentence. Not surprisingly, only 7% of respondents said they actually know a gay or a lesbian.

Reported acceptance has actually declined since 2010, possibly due to the very vocal and hostile reaction of the Church to anti-discrimination legislation drafted and adopted during that time.

The numbers are only slightly better in the capital city, and positively correlate with education and socioeconomic status. Ethnic and religious minorities tended to be less accepting of LGBT people.


Source: unimedia.info