What benefits Ukrainian refugees in the Czech Republic can expect to receive

However, the payments will stop if Ukrainians already receive free accommodation, food and hygiene products from the state.

It has become known what payments Ukrainians in this country should expect to receive.

After receiving a Temporary Protection visa in the Czech Republic, all Ukrainian refugees will receive an allowance in the amount of 5 thousand crowns (about 200 euros). It is known that the payments are made through the Labour Office (Úrad práce ČR).

The first payment is made automatically to all after presenting a passport and a humanitarian visa (vízum strpenie). The next allowance can be applied for only by those who are in a difficult financial situation (unemployed and those who do not have property in the Czech Republic), but not more than five times.

However, the Senate of the Czech Republic has approved the introduction of harsher conditions for refugees from Ukraine. This was reported by Radio Prague International.

Now, the humanitarian aid, which refugees currently receive in the amount of 5 thousand Czech crowns, will no longer be paid to those refugees who receive free accommodation, food, and basic hygiene needs. Also the labour office has the right to ask the applicant to come in person to prove his/her eligibility for assistance – the refugee has to arrive within eight days otherwise the application will be rejected.

In addition, a change in Czech law stipulates that the state will pay for health insurance for refugees – this takes no more than 150 days. The exceptions are children and elderly people.


Source: sud.ua