People continue to be killed and maimed and the number of internally displaced persons and refugees from Ukraine is growing. The UN Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs, Rosemary DiCarlo, told the Security Council on Tuesday.

“Source of revival” IOM aid goes to the affected settlements in Kharkiv region.

“In a situation where the international community is unable to stop this senseless war, we must continue to record its horrific consequences as accurately as possible. This is our responsibility, and the least we can do is to help prevent this war from escalating further and prevent other potential violent conflicts,” said Rosemary DiCarlo.

Despite the war, UN humanitarian agencies continue to assist people in Ukraine, including those living close to the front lines.

Today, the UN provides humanitarian assistance to some 12.7 million people. There are 560 organizations involved in humanitarian operations. Sixty of them are local NGOs.

The UN representative expressed grave concern about reports of forced displacement, deportations and so-called “filtration camps” run by the Russian Federation and associated local forces.