The system is still teaming with corrupt prosecutors

After six years of trial, the members of the panel of judges has changed, thus the court process in which the public association “Moldova mea” was involved has started from scratch. The update was presented by the association chairman, Fiodor Ghelici, who noted that the system is teaming with “corrupt prosecutors who are still fabricating criminal cases on demand”.

In an IPN press conference, Fiodor Ghelci, said that the association is accused of human trafficking and children trafficking. He said that tensions started in February 2013, when the association notified the public about the “theft from the Banca de Economii, namely that 36 million lei are extracted from the bank on a daily basis”. According to Fiodor Ghelici, “the entire political class took a stance against the association”, and that “no politician has addressed the issue of the theft because many of them were involved in it”.

Also in 2013, according to Fiodor Ghelici, he demanded that prime minister Vlad Filat and other state officials to be held responsible, however, law enforcement bodies did not initiate criminal cases. Out of the entire group involved in the bank fraud, only Vlad Filat and the former head of the FISC, Nicolae Vicol, were finally investigated and convicted.

Fiodor Ghelci added that in the summer of 2013 he learned that law enforcement bodies were ordered to seek information that would compromise him. Then, several activists of the association were detained and pressured to make slanderous depositions against him. At the end of the summer he was detained on accusations of human trafficking, which were allegedly facilitated by the crowdfunding campaigns conducted by the association for disadvantaged people or people in need of medical care.

The “Moldova mea” association chairman accused investigators of failing at investigating the file. He said that “witnesses” who had no connection with the investigation and people who were pressured to make slanderous statements against him were interviewed during the investigation.

Fiodor Ghelici said that he will continue to fight for justice. He said that the “Moldova mea” association consists of about 1000 members and specializes in in the fields of fighting corruption, poverty and protection of human rights.