The ISHR-Ukraine continues to help Ukrainian citizens

Valentina, a senior citizen, turned to the ISHR for help. Like many others, she is no longer able to live in her home in Kharkov. She was forced to run away from the war. ISHR helped her buy groceries and other necessary supplies for the trip to a safer place.

The problem of refugees in Ukraine is ever more dire. Victoria, a mother of three, was forced to leave Kiev for safety in western Ukraine. Because of the war, she was left without a job, and, therefore, any income. ISHR decided to help the family with the purchase of food.

Thank you, our dear friends! Thanks to your support, we can help those who are in a difficult situation due to the war!

For such exact situations, we stayed in Ukraine. That is why we continue to work, order, buy and send baby diapers, baby wipes, medicine, negotiate and bring humanitarian supplies. Here is one of our smallest recipients. The mother of this baby Emilia once fled from Lugansk, and now she fled with the baby from Kiev.

Natasha contacted the ISHR with a request to purchase life-saving medicine for her little child who has epilepsy. Our volunteers searched dozens of pharmacies and found the right medicine 🙏🏼

It is very difficult to find certain drugs in Ukrainian pharmacies. We are arranging the purchase of medicines abroad and will be grateful for any help in solving logistical problems. It takes a lot of money to transfer food and medicine from one place to another.

The International Society for Human Rights took an active part in providing the Vinnitsa City Hospital #1 with the necessary supplies. Anti-inflammatory, painkillers and other medicines, dressings, and other supplies necessary for the hospital were obtained by ISHR in several regions of the country. Special thanks to our volunteers and, first of all, Vitaly Serdyuk for the significant assistance in the work of the humanitarian mission of the International Society for Human Rights. Together we can do anything!

Friends! This week we received humanitarian aid for children from our new friends from the Italian organization Europlus Bari and Europlus Napoli. Thank you so much for this important shipment! Our volunteers have already repacked everything and starting on Monday the boxes will go to the various regions of Ukraine. Follow our news, we will publish stories about the fate of the children’s cargo. Of course, we cannot provide for all requests and needs. Now we are working to arrange the next delivery. We would appreciate any help in this matter.