The conversation between Vyacheslav Platon and Alexander Tanase about stealing a billion

A phone conversation of 2015 between businessman Veaceslav Platon and the then president of the Constitutional Court Alexandru Tanase was made public by Jurnal TV channel. This reveals who benefitted from and managed the banking fraud. Analyst Victor Ciobanu in a TV program said that discussion is another proof of the fact that Vladimir Plahotniuc is the beneficiary of the theft, while Ilan Shor was only an operator, IPN reports.

According to him, Veaceslav Platon’s assertion that no one looks for the stolen money is the most important sentence in the conversation. “If the money had been looked for, results would have been achieved in the over three years that passed since then,” stated Victor Ciobanu. He noted that in this case Veaceslav Platon cannot be suspected of constraining as he wasn’t under arrest when the discussion took place.

Eduard Rudenco, lawyer for Veaceslav Platon, said he didn’t hear this conversation earlier, but this will be used as evidence in the case of Veaceslav Platon. The reaction of the ex-president of the Constitutional Court to the revelations made by Veaceslav Platon was absolutely inappropriate. “Alexandru Tanase should have notified the competent bodies after discussing with his then friend Veaceslav Platon,” he stated.

Another lawyer for the businessman Ana Ursachi said Veaceslav Platon and Alexandru Tanase were once friends, but now Veaceslav Platon was turned into a monster.

In the conversation with Alexandru Tanase, Veaceslav Platon said the then governor of the National Bank Dorin Dragutanu took part in the banking fraud and he had evidence of this. The businessman also said that no one is looking for the stolen money. “When normal prosecutors come and see what these guys did, they will be stunned as these did nothing,” said Veaceslav Platon. He said he openly sold his shares in Victoriabank to Ilan Shor, but the beneficiary was actually Vladimir Plahotniuc. According to him, what happened in banks couldn’t have taken place without the involvement of politicians. “Surely, Ilan bears a large part of the blame because he started. The politicians became involved towheads the end and finished everything. But the big gap was definitely caused by Ilan,” stated Veaceslav Platon.