Statement by the Freedom Moldova Human Rights Foundation on the inadmissibility of prosecution and intimidation of protesters

The Freedom Moldova Foundation continues to monitor the events concerning detention of two participants of the protest rally held on July 19, 2017, – S.Tomsa and S.Vlasov. In the rally day the circumstances of their detention already raised flags about the police work. Subsequently both detainees have received 10 days of administrative detention for the so-called “resistance to the police officer”. No independent witness and video evidence of the “resistance” have been provided to the court of law, and the general public either. The court has unreasonably applied an exceptional measure to punish peaceful protesters – the administrative detention.

We believe it another example of the police and judicial arbitrariness. We have to note that the cases when the plainclothes law enforcement officers pull out from ranks of protesters and subject them to punishment with the purpose to intimidate all others, have become a trivial routine for the police. We condemn the use of police officers for the political purposes as provokers to discredit peaceful protest rallies.

Freedom Moldova is also concerned about the conditions in which the injured protesters were held under arrest. Those conditions failed to meet elementary standards of safety, were inhuman and obviously aimed at intimidating.

The Freedom Moldova Foundation considers that on July 19, the police very seriously violated the rights of citizens to peaceful protest. The Foundation calls attention that the police shall be bound to ensure public order during protest rallies, including the protesters’ safety.

August 8, 2017