Several detainees from Penitentiary Nr. 13 were beaten “for prophylaxis”

Several detainees from Penitentiary Nr. 13 would have been beaten by masked officers after 8 detainees had tried to escape on Friday to Saturday night, June 3rd. Sources inside the penitentiary have reported that some minors are among the victims, and lawlessness would have been recorded by camcorders. The Penitentiary administration denies the accusations.

The “Pantera” masked officers were asked by the Penitentiary’s leadership after the overseers had caught the 8 inmates as they tried to leave the detention facility through a dug tunnel under the prison wall in the direction of the Complex Eternity memorial. CrimeMoldova sources claim that the tunnel was dug out of cell No. 116, which is under cell No. 127, where former Prime Minister Vlad Filat is at the moment.

The same sources say that besides the eight prisoners who tried to escape, other detainees, including minors from cells 158 and 159, who have sent the following message, have been punished: “They beat us all! Please do not dismiss this, you need to investigate, inquiry … “. However, they refrained from complaining after being intimidated by the prison administration.

On the day when the shootings took place, an ambulance and police cars were seen near the penitentiary. At the same time, masked people could be seen in the penitentiary surveillance tunnel.

Asked by CrimeMoldova, the head of the Public Relations and Mass-Media Division, Oleg Pantea, denied information about the violence actions applied to minors detained in Penitentiary no. 13 of the capital. “On Saturday, regime activities took place, that is, several measures that are not out of the ordinary and are taking place in several prisons in the country. There was no ambulance on site and none of the detainees were beaten,” Pantea said.

Asked by CrimeMoldova, Ion Caracuian, the chief Prosecutor of the General Prosecutor’s Office for Combating Torture, said he was informed about this case by a non-governmental organization. “We will still perform complex control. For now, I have not received any complaint,” the law man told us.

We would like to point out that the Penitentiary 13 is ruled by the former policeman, Igor Pântea, who has the status of accused in a criminal case filed for torture in April of 2009.

The Pantera Special Destination Detachment was founded on April 1, 1991, and is a structural subdivision of the Department of Penitentiary Institutions.