Ukraine. Humanitarian aid in Sumy, Poltava and Kharkiv regions

Poltava region

It is already September, the education institutions have opened their doors again. People who live in schools and lyceums unfortunately have to move out. Such a situation occurred in the Shishatskaya territorial community, where refugees from Donetsk and Kharkiv regions live. They have to move to an abandoned kindergarten in the village of Pokrovske. This building is not suitable for living. Therefore, IAC ISHR became actively involved in equipping the refugee centre. On September 22, IAC ISHR team brought microwaves, kettles, bedclothes, bath towels. Soon heaters, washing machines and other basic necessities will be delivered in order to make people feel comfortable and protected.

IAC ISHR 💙 with love for people!



Sumy region

On September 12, IAC ISHR held the first distribution of almost 500 hygiene kits in Putivl territorial community in Sumy region.

Previously, IAC ISHR provided humanitarian support here with medicines, hygiene and food kits on individual requests. However, thanks to the UHF project, we are planning to increase the amount of humanitarian aid we provide. In the near future, both hygiene and food kits will be distributed to those in need.

IAC ISHR 💙 with love for people!


Kharkiv region

📦IAC ISHR with the support of our IGFM German Section 🇩🇪 colleagues distributed 300 family hygiene kits in the village of Snezhkovo, Bogodukhov district (Kharkiv region) on September 26-27.

Not only people who have been forced to leave their homes, but also those who have stayed at home and have been affected by the hostilities need help and support. Wherever possible, IAC ISHR tries to respond to such requests by providing hygiene, food and medicine kits.

IAC ISHR 💙 with love for people!