Regional event of the ISHR of the Armenian section in Kotayk region

The second regional meeting of the ISHR Armenia took place on October 9 at the Agricultural College Nor Geghi of the Kotayk region. The region has a central position in the republic and is the only region that does not border on neighboring states. Thanks to its unique natural resources, it is a resort area. In the region there are the ski resorts Tsakhkadzor and Aghveran, the pagan temple of Garni, built in 77 AD and many other attractions. In spite of the favorable situation and many other privileges, social, economic and civil human rights left much to be desired before the recent events, the revolution in Armenia.

The most important business and tourist areas of the region were brought under oligarchic rule and it was not possible to create an equal business in the region for the citizens. The political and business leadership in the region was held by only a few families. Fortunately, after the events of May, even though bipolar power has become sovereign, steps are being taken to eradicate all corruption-oligarchic machinations in the region.

Various aspects of human rights such as voting and workers’ rights were discussed at our regional university event. The students complained about the lack of jobs, especially in their field. Although it is an agricultural college, academic knowledge in the villages of the region cannot really be realized. The issue of bank loans was discussed in order to build up a businesses of their own. The participants confirmed that loans are offered by banks at very high interest rates, which is very risky for the agribusiness. The participant of the meeting, Professor Machkalyan explained in detail the principles of human rights at local and international laws. Gender equality was also hotly debated. Some participants of the meeting expressed the wish to become members of the organization.